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Mytime is one of Nesta’s 2018 ‘New Radicals’

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Fantastic News – Mytime has been named as one of 50 ‘New Radicals’ by Nesta and the Observer. Every two years, Nesta and the Observer pull together a list of 50 radical thinking organisations and individuals developing creative ways of tackling society’s biggest challenges. The list which was compiled from hundreds of entries was published in yesterday’s Observer.

Mytime connects carers with local hotels, restaurants and other organisations offering free overnight stays, afternoon teas, spa days, theatre tickets, and more. The idea of the scheme is to give carers space to relax and recharge, and offer some social interaction, helping them return to their caring role with renewed energy and confidence.

‘There have only been two times in my life that I have felt special and that was one of them. You forget who you are when you’re a carer.It was a real treat to relax and just switch off.’

Mary, aged 76, cares for her daughter.

The initiative, which was born out of Liverpool Carers Centre, started with one hotel donating an overnight stay to a carer supported each month. With help from the Big Lottery, the scheme has now grown to 48 organisations regularly donating breaks to carers.

A huge thank you to the businesses who partner with Mytime and donate breaks that make such a difference to carers.

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